My painting is basically devoted to the glorification of nature. It praises life and intuitively clarifies various natural laws. It presents the imaginative space between image and image showing in work.

Through the themes like ¡®The Seed¡¯, ¡®Botanical Subject¡¯, ¡®Shallow Pond¡¯, ¡®Golden Fruit¡¯, etc., I tried to express more realistically and concretely the phenomenon of life in a new way and ruminate disappearing beings, remaining traces and myself, and reduce the relationship with various phenomenon surrounding me.


I tried to establish the structure of a labyrinth based on infinite absolute world of nature and the images, generation and extinction, time and space, and express and communicate images of nature as life and spirit in the absolute order


The atypical images such as petals or flowers, stems, seeds and fruits mean the generation and extinction, as well as life and death. The images look like moving organisms, or breathing creatures. There is no three-dimensional shade or realistic description of shapes. Just outlines appear with dots and fine or thick lines. Through round bulbs or fruits hanging like clusters of grapes and down-like spread flowers, images of nature are enumerated, and coexistence of artificial structures is presented.


The process of work is deeply related with the concept of nature. I thoroughly keep away all steps of my work from artificiality and try to show naturality to the fullest. Materials used for work are also full of the traces of nature. With paint, various materials are used. I also paste several pieces of cloth on a canvas, and attach transparent or opaque mixed materials. Physical traces like gestures are added to materials to form atypical living images of nature. Therefore, with the expression of material property, through intuitive and sensitive composition and colors, unexpected images are generated. As a seed grows by itself, images are naturally formed, developed and expanded.


My painting is the exploration of the art world, hidden inside of nature not the outward beauty of nature, and at the same time, it is the revelation of the inside of me, myself coexisting with nature. Shape and image, and material and spirit are mingled to generate my own unique formative language. I hope to be in communion with you through my work.