It is not an ingenious technique, but a simple, plain brush stroke with acrylic paint on canvas; that is all I need to create a work of art. An LED backing to illuminate the cubic used on paints lacks artistic form.

 In these pieces, no perspective is applied for the houses. Looking at the Earth from space, observers would realize that the distance between houses and their sizes count for little or nothing. Even from a closer perspective, such as from the sky, the result would be the same.

 From the peoples perspective, houses are objects to possess and be strong shields for them. The mortality of the houses makes those desires hollow and futile. In spite of that futility, houses take a firm stand and represent hope.

  The light created by the LEDs and the cubic installation in the piece symbolizes hope, power and energy. The houses represent the energy that people expend. The diversity of the colors expresses a diversity of energy and completes the work. Seen from the sky, people would be composed of little dots that are beautiful and distinctive.


 Every single person has their own house, which are all full of power and hope. By creating a certain formation and pursuing something larger, that diverse energy tends to build a special space for itself. In that space, people are likely to protect and preserve the energy, which is aggressively expressed by light. Some people suffer from craving for the house and just wander, hoping to find the ultimate house in the end.


The house and the house...