Myungil Lee was born in 1960. He lives and works Seoul, South Korea.

Solo Exhibition 10 times (Switzerland, Seoul, Daegu, etc). He participated Voltashow Basel, Vienna fair, Art Chicago, Art Stage Singapore, etc.


Myungil Lee is talking about the human world of mind with anxiety.

His works of mental part has a human¡¯s samsara, he seems to be interesting about instinctive desire of ¡®what¡¯ and ¡®what is it¡¯. His works feel like a self-psychological circumstance.


He says ¡°Wish to see the wriggling desire and instinct through the inspiration.¡±

Maybe he want to be glamorous color of material more than others, the human that is hidden in a behind brutal instinct and desire, beside stimulate the instinct of the narcissus, it seems to bring us into the works inside.