Jaelin Lim has lived in many places while growing up, to her there were definitely be pros and cons to the experience. The diversity and fresh ideas have been the pros and the uncomfortableness of settling in and acclimating to new surroundings have been the cons. But, once the uncomfortableness subsides the importance of difference and diversity settles in. This is the idea and feeling that she express through her works.

Her works combine architecture and everyday artifacts. This also symbolizes her everyday life. All factors are erased in our rooms and time. She tried to express different experiences and times through contrasting colors and styles.

In Korean tradition natural lacquer and nacre (the shell of a sea-ear) is a luxurious medium used to fancifully decorate womens furniture. The use of natural lacquer and nacre requires many hours to dry and repaint several times which requires a significant amount of not only skill but patience. This medium reflects our everyday lives in a sense that we put in lots of thought and patience in our decisions and approaches in our lives.

The more layers of natural lacquer our painted the richer the color becomes and the material that it is painted upon becomes more shiny. The nacre also becomes more accentuated as the layers are added upon. She wanted to show that life is also filled with hardship but as we overcome them we add layers to our life that makes it become more beautiful.