Chae Hyun Gyo's work is a feast for the senses that touches the eyes and the ears. Her colors and movements become the light and pass through our bodies. Standing in front of her work is like being in the brilliant light coming through the rose window of a Gothic church. Like glittering colored windows of stained glass, her colors become the dynamic moment and lead us to meditation. In the moment of being faced with her work, we set out on a trip to the world of the subconscious.


Even if her work is not media art in which the important issue is the haptic sensor, it makes us aware the haptic sensor of the body. The stream of the fish touches all of our five senses. The body sees, hears, touches them and becomes the ground, feeling the beautiful colors. Inside our bodies, all of the senses we feel is being interchanged and dissolved. When we appreciate her work, our bodies become an affective body that senses the light and the colors. We feel and sense the work on the outside of the body, but the process recreates the feeling of affection inside the body. Finally, our bodies become the path through which the lost memory is scattered in the subconscious.


Chae Hyun Gyo's work touches our sensibility rather than our reason. Like how contemporary music focuses on the diversity of the colors of the sound rather than the structure and the form. (For a long time we've been thinking reason was more important than sensibility because sensibility depends on the five senses which are not considered to deliver the universal meaning. So all of the paths for communication are mainly focused on reason. But recently, the diffusion of sensibility depends on the five senses occupying the important position in communication and the appreciation of things.)


Her work not only shows us the beautiful screen, but also lets us give off our five senses so that the emotions can be purified and balanced. This purity and balance is the goal of art therapy.